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Music Review: “Heart Pulse” single by Emery Pulse

"Heart Fulfilled" by Emery Pulse
"Heart Fulfilled" by Emery Pulse

If you’re a fan of classic ballads, then “Heart Pulse” by retro pop artist Emery Pulse is the track for you. Released last month, the song is an indisputable throwback to ‘80s style soft rock that can send many of us down memory lane. From big hair, wild outfits, and too much hairspray, the era also gave us some of the most iconic romantic songs for the ages. And this track is a worthy homage to that glorious time.

Pulse — who is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist living on Marco Island, Florida — uses the track to ask some of life’s biggest and most vital questions about a concluded relationship, like: What could have been? What will be? Channeling some of her vocal diva energy, she conveys both a sense of reflection and, to an extent, curiosity about her lost love.

Emery Pulse
Emery Pulse

The track starts off with a scent sparking a memory of a kiss by the stairs. The memory brings up a lot of feelings, and a sense of time passing rather quickly as the couple went their separate ways many years ago. Pulse, as the narrator of this story, hopes that her former flame is happy and doing well, clearly showing that she still cares about the other person. As the track progresses, she recalls a few more memories with a smile.

Though Pulse wrote the track, contributed vocals, and played the keyboards, Chris Camozzi rocked the guitars, Lee Brovitz dominated on bass, and Brett Brown killed it on drums/percussion. The song was produced by both Emery Pulse and Brett Brown and mastered by James Auwarter for Coda Room Audio via London & Chicago. The track does a great job at bringing a retro feel to a new composition.

Now, on to the music video for the “Heart Pulse” single. It’s hard to say if this was a live video put through an animation filter, or if this the product of stop animation, but it definitely has one of the more unusual visuals I’ve come across in recent years. It’s fair to note that the cotton candy colors and the ‘80s style effects work well with the style of the song, and so I definitely recommend you check the track out on YouTube and Spotify.

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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