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Music Review: "Affinity" single by Pure Order

"Affinity" by Pure Order
"Affinity" by Pure Order

I don’t get to review a lot of hip hop music. I love it, though. So, when a request to review the “Affinity” single by Californian duo Pure Order landed in my inbox, I was pretty excited. Giving it a listen, I was immediately struck by two different observations. The first pertains to the ease with which the melody hits the ears; it’s calm, relaxed, and pleasant. The second concerns the positivity of the lyrics, which celebrate creativity and the hustle that characterizes hip hop.

Pure Order is made up of Nemesis and God’s Gift, who dropped their single about a week ago. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting on it for a few days, repeatedly listening to and getting lost in its good vibes. The slow but steady beats, the calm yet consistent vocals, and the smooth and catchy harmony work well together, giving “Affinity” a lot of flexibility; you can blast it in the car while driving or while hanging back with some friends.

Nemesis and God’s Gift of Pure Order
Nemesis and God’s Gift of Pure Order

“'Affinity' is a sort of love song to hip hop and our worldwide hip hop family,” share the artists in their official press release. “It describes how creative elements are drawn together through powerful attraction to produce a colorful display of beauteous power that lasts indefinitely, such as that of a nebula created by the collision of the elements of a star during implosion.” It also speaks to the collaborative and complimentary styles of the two musicians.

In many ways, it’s a throwback to the greats that came before. “The beauty and longevity of a nebula being compared to our beloved Hip Hop is welcomed as we commemorate 50 years of this powerful cultural movement,” continue the duo. “Along with featured comrade Bread of Kaliwild, we hope 'Affinity' showcases the pleasure and ease of hip hop creativity when those who come together to create it do so in true love and respect for the culture and for each other."

Respect appears to be the glue that holds the band together. They chose to call themselves Pure Order to symbolize the purity of hip hop lyricism and creativity; the order being hip hop fundamental principles such as love, unity, creativity, originality, and fun. And that’s exactly what “Affinity” is. The track and its video (which aims to put the lyrics front and center) are both pure feel-good energy. And we can all really use that. So, give it a listen.

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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