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Music Review: Zahava EP by Jordana Talsky

Do you remember when Pitch Perfect (2012) first came out? People got a little crazy with the a cappella there for a while. Some singers rivaled the ones seen on screen, others would have been “cut off” almost immediately. Still, there is something about the art form that evokes awe. The amount of control performers must have over their vocal chords is both amazing and insanely hard to master. And yet, some people can do it almost effortlessly.

Zahava (album cover)

Jordana Talsky is one of these. The Canadian musician has an incredibly beautiful voice and, thanks to her Roland Boss RC505 loop station, has turned her skills as an a cappella artist into a tech savvy semi a cappella artist. Or, as she put it herself: “I am a person of several voices, and now a choir of one. Using her voice and her body, mainly to create a sense of percussion, Talsky put out her immersive EP called Zahava, which dropped today.

The six-song EP, produced by Justin Abedin, is delightful. First up is “Superpower,” a slow, pleasant, but musically-rich song about love. The second is called “Oh Yeah” and it’s about making plans for the day (or for the year, or for a lifetime) and then forgetting about said plans because of a partner. Third is “Over the Wall,” it’s about overcoming an obstacle and seeing what’s on the other side.

The fourth song, which is my personal favorite, is “Trouble Up.” This is a departure from the other tracks, because it’s stronger in its delivery and gives us a better sense of her vocal range, which is impressive. There is definitely more soul and passion in this song than the ones that came before. Makes sense, as it’s about trouble. But it also features a more elaborate and, in my opinion, creative use of the looping device.

Fifth is “City Lights.” Although it’s similar to the first three tracks, it’s a little more elaborate in her use of melody. And last but certainly not least is “Honey.” It’s got a good message about standing up for yourself and believing in your own abilities. Each track offers something thoroughly enjoyable, so I sincerely believe this record is going to be a hit with a lot of people.


In her own words:

“In becoming a loop artist and learning to do a new thing with myself, I have come up against my insecurities and criticisms, and have found that in many ways, this creation journey has mirrored the challenge I experience to be at home with myself. I believe most of us have different parts to our identities that are in conflict, but which can be harmonized as we grow into ourselves… Zahava, my middle name, means 'golden' in Hebrew, and reminds me that the gold in all of us — our beauty, wisdom and power — will be best harnessed when we learn to feel at home. I hope something in this music may inspire you to find home in yourself.”

All in all, Zahava is a great record. Check out more from Jordana Talsky on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud!

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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