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Event Spotlight: The Untitled Space hosts LIVING FOR LOVE art auction to support SeekHer Foundation

The Living for Love” benefit art auction — an initiative supporting women’s mental health presented by The Untitled Space in partnership with the SeekHer Foundation — features 25 vibrant works, on paper and panel, by artist Fahren Feingold. The talented painter, known for her signature wet-on-wet technique, creates airy watercolors that emphasize the female gaze through fluid brush strokes.

Twenty percent of each artwork sold will be donated to SeekHer Foundation, a non-profit advocacy project of a social impact collective called WellSeek that is reimagining women’s wellness in our workplaces and communities. Its mission is to empower women so that they could thrive in their personal and professional lives through advocacy, research, and support.

Fittingly, Feingold explores notions of female constructs in contemporary society. “Through my own journey with mental health, I am constantly seeking out ways to expand and be more empathic,” writes the artist in her mission statement. “In doing so, I have created new circuits of understanding, patience, and compassion.”

The artist — who studied at the Parsons School of Design and the Glasgow School of Art — is inspired by early 20th century French erotica as well as vintage American magazines from the 70s and 80s. She depicts bold feminine nudes that are often drawn from her own photographs.

Her art echoes her background as a fashion designer. The water-stained quality of her work is reminiscent of smudged eyeshadow and running mascara, but they’re sensual rather than sexual. “My paintings of the female figure expands the footprint of women painted by women, celebrating sisterhood and empowering female themes” shares Feingold.

Represented by The Untitled Space gallery since 2017, Feingold has been featured in a number of its solo exhibitions, group shows and benefits. The “Living for Love” auction, which includes new works by the artist, kicked off with an online preview on January 24th, with live bidding starting on January 30th at 12pm EST and ending on February 8th, 12pm EST.

The “Living for Love” benefit auction is a great opportunity to partake in a great cause and expand your art portfolio, but all interested parties must first register on to partake.

Note* All of the event information and images are provided by our partners.


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