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Event Spotlight: “High on Life,” an online exhibition and wearable art by Fahren Feingold

"High on Life" by Fahren Feingold presented by The Untitled Space

After a years-long campaign to decriminalize recreational marijuana, New York formally legalized cannabis on March 31st, making it the 15th state in the country to officially do so. And artist Fahren Feingold couldn't be more thrilled. Her latest exhibition, a solo online show called High on Life presented by The Untitled Space, is both a commemoration of and a salute to the monumental event, but it’s also a celebration of nature, joy, and all that they entail.

"RGB CBD" by Fahren Feingold presented by The Untitled Space

Thinking about her life over the past year, Feingold wanted to create work that was inspired by “pure happiness” and reflected her desire to reconnect to herself and the natural world. But she didn’t simply want to create paintings that lit up whichever room they happened to be in. She wanted to make something that she could take wherever she went. And so, High on Life was born. From painting canvases to crafting wearable items, Feingold worked to create something new.

“We are in an era of celebrating who you are and feeling no shame — this collection is about celebrating what makes you happy and connecting with what brings you joy to the innermost parts of yourself,” explains the artist. “Sunshine, flowers, mother earth, alternative healing practices and breaking free from what’s been holding you back from your joy. I want people to celebrate all of this by being able to wear art like wearing their heart on their sleeve.”

"Scandalous Elixer" by Fahren Feingold presented by The Untitled Space

It’s a noble goal. Over the past year, life as we knew it was put on an indefinite hold, causing people to experience a sharp increase in their stress levels. The withdrawal from our social lives has had a profound impact on our mental health and personal happiness, and people have been struggling to cope. Channeling her wants and needs into a productive endeavor, Feingold decided to use her art to heal her heart, and gave us a chance to join her on this journey.

"My Garden is Secret" by Fahren Feingold presented by The Untitled Space

“I sought to reconnect with my inner child,” explains the artist. As such, the exhibition is not just about the legalization of marijuana. Taking barefoot walks on grassy lawns and watching dandelion puffs get carried away by the wind are just a few of the joys Feingold celebrates in her solo online show High on Life, which you can view here, from April 27th through July 31st.

"Magic Eyes" by Fahren Feingold presented by The Untitled Space

Note* All of the event information and images are provided by our partners. The article was updated on April 28th.


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