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Event Spotlight: Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness Two-Part Exhibition in NYC

“Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness”

Given everything that is going on in America right now, artists have been increasingly thinking about their lives, the meaning of liberty, and the limitations they and their loved ones are facing in their individual pursuits of happiness. Channelling their hopes, frustrations, dreams, and disappoints into their art, the work they’re creating perfectly preserves and reflects the importance of this moment in time, and — as an artist, publisher, gallerist, and activist — Indira Cesarine is committed to giving them a platform.

"For The Heroes" by Annika Connor at The Untitled Space

The founder of The Untitled Magazine, The Untitled Space, and Art4Equality — an initiative supporting equality themed art exhibitions and special projects — is well positioned to leverage marginalized as well as mainstream voices that add to the conversions happening around inclusion, representation, and — of course — equality. Her new two-part project called “Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness,” consists of a group show and public art series that Cesarine curated in collaboration with SaveArtSpace and Art4Equality.

"Dissenting" by Geoffrey Stein at The Untitled Space

Presented at The Untitled Space in NYC, the opening reception for the exhibition, which will feature work (mostly created during quarantine) from over 50 contemporary artists — is scheduled to take place on September 26th, from 3pm to 8pm, and will be on view through October 17th. In addition to the art show, ten billboards — each featuring work by a different artist — are currently on display throughout the New York City area and are available to the public until October 21st.

"Collective Awakening" by Cabell Molina at The Untitled Space
"Collective Awakening" by Cabell Molina at The Untitled Space

According to the press release:

“With the 2020 elections approaching, I felt that it was a crucial time to create an opportunity for artists to respond, with the artwork presented in a public platform where it can reach an audience of millions of people every day and promote an inclusive dialogue. The billboard transformed into an art display is an innovative, and ultimately accessible way to present contemporary art, transforming spaces normally dedicated to advertising into public art that has power and impact...”

"The Pursuit Of Happiness" by Faustine Badrichani at The Untitled Space

Although Indira Cesarine's history of activism through art is both long and impressive, the upcoming exhibition just may be one of the most ambitious social-good projects she has taken on to date. To join the conversation, make sure to follow Cesarine on social media, and don't forget to check out “Art4Equality x Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness” at The Untitled Space located at 45 Lispenard Street as well as the billboards listed below.

Exhibiting Artists:

Alexandra Rubinstein, Alison Stinley, Alysia Davis, Ann Lewis, Anne Barlinckhoff, Annika Connor, April Fitzpatrick, Ashley Chew, Buket Savci, Cabell Molina, Coco Dolle, D’nae Harrison, Dan Alvarado, Daniel Aros-Aguilar, Danielle Siegelbaum, Daryl Daniels, David Siever, Dessie Jackson, Devynity Wray, Diana Zipeto, Dolly Faibyshev, Donna Bassin, Egypt H., Fahren Feingold, Faustine Badrichani, Geoffrey Stein, Hana Zhang, Indira Cesarine, Jamia Weir, Jared Freschman, Jodie Herrera, Joel Tretin, Jose Baez, Karen Bystedt, Katya Zvereva, Kim McCarty, Leah Schrager, Linda Friedman Schmidt, Lola Jiblazee, Lynn Bianchi, Meg Lionel Murphy, Michele Pred, Osaze Stigler, Panteha Abareshi, Paolo Morales, Q’shaundra James, Rachel Van Der Nacht, Rebecca Bird, Robin Tewes, Robyn Gibson, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Sarupa Sidaarth, Travis Rueckert, Tslil Tsemet, Valerie Carmet, and Vaughan Larsen.

Public Art Billboards (in collaboration with SaveArtSpace):

Anne Barlinckhoff - Pulaski Bridge 11th St & 53rd Ave, Queens

Ashley Chew - Flushing Ave & Waverly Ave, Brooklyn

Donna Bassin - McGuinness Blvd & Calyer St, Brooklyn

Fahren Feingold + Indira Cesarine - W 46th St & 12th Ave, Manhattan

Jodie Herrera - Hamilton Pl & 12th St, Brooklyn

Kim McCarty - Flushing Ave & Spencer St, Brooklyn

Meg Lionel Murphy - Myrtle Ave & Cornelia St, Queens

Panteha Abareshi - Park Ave & Emerson Pl, Brooklyn

Sarupa Sidaarth - McGuinness Blvd & Calyer St, Brooklyn

Travis Rueckert - 11th Ave & W 45th St, Manhattan

Note* All images and info for the sponsored post were provided by The Untitled Space.


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