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Album Review: Metamorfosis by Oriana Setz

Album Review: Metamorfosis by Oriana Setz

Metamorfosis is about embracing the painful yet inevitable transition of becoming a new version of yourself,” states Oriana Setz about her recently released, seven-track album. Though the Ecuadorian singer-songwriter is currently based in New Zealand, her Latin roots gloriously shine through in her flavorful music, which is colored by international influences, traditions, and vibes. Overall, Metamorfosis (2020) is an artful album that features stunning compositions, original arrangements, and a distinguished uniqueness that is both incredibly pleasant and delightfully entertaining.

The first track on the album is “Pastel Lilac” and it shows off Setz’s impressive vocal range. String and wind instruments perfectly accompany her voice over some light but stimulating percussion. This is followed by “Tres Paredes y un Grito,” which roughly translates to “Three Walls and a Scream.” The song is in Spanish, and even though I don’t speak the language, its tone and quality — along with carefully peppered piano notes — convey a certain sadness and longing. Next up is “Amores Invisibles.” It's about a doomed love affair due to distance. Setz’s vocals are saturated with an earnest eagerness, and it’s a lovely, though melancholy track.

The accordion and acoustic guitar on “Pendulum Effect” give the song a pleasant French vibe. It is beautifully executed and is one of the best tracks on an already impressive album. “Pieza Perdida,” which means “Lost Piece,” reminds me ABBA, had the band been writing new music today, it may sound a little like this. It’s got a great melody and layered vocal arrangements. The title track is probably the song I like the least. It’s a little slow for my taste, but still makes a powerful addition to the overall product. And, last but not least, there’s “A Little Bit Blinder.” It’s an edgier, sharper, and more rock-heavy track with its electric guitars and defined percussion.

Album Review: Metamorfosis by Oriana Setz

"I believe that there is nothing more healing than to listen to authentic music,” reveals Setz. “To be able to write it, you need to know yourself and accept both your abilities and limitations, too.” The philosophy seems to have worked out for the young artist. Metamorfosis is polished and beautifully arranged. And even though Oriana Setz created a wonderful album for us to enjoy, her goal was always to make something she would like herself. “It is very easy to try to impress others to receive their approval, but I honestly believe you're the happiest when you decide to be real and to embrace the fact that you don't need to try to fit in a place you clearly don't." Check out more from her here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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