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Album Review: "Bright Colors" (single) by Liquid Phase

Today, Joe Coss is a talented musician who works as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the Long Island based band Liquid Phase. But, between 2005 and 2013, he was also the Leading Mechanical Engineer working to erect New York’s new world-famous Trade Center. The band’s track, “Bright Colors,” is about the time time Coss spent traveling between his Long-Island home and Manhattan’s Ground Zero. Although, based on that description, some may assume that the song is about the tragic event, it’s actually an upbeat track that aims to convey the love Coss has for “both the city whose most triumphant landmark he’s had the privilege of erecting to the oceanside oasis that is Montauk, NY.”

Coss has an interesting background. Not only did he study at the Berklee College of Music, he also has a strong background in engineering and theoretical physics. These days, however, he prefers to showcase his artistic talents. Aside from Joe Coss, Liquid Phase also features Jamie Grubb on Keyboards, Dan Zellan on Guitar and Vocals, Johnny Molinari on Bass, and Steve Collins on Drums. The band’s style seems to be a fusion of skate punk and alternative rock, it features elements of ska, folk, and electronica. Drawing inspiration from his work as well as his days at the Berklee College of Music, Coss wrote the catchy and upbeat track.

Choosing to focus on the positive, “Bright Colors” seems to be about enjoying the moments that we have. It goes as follows:

We sit around and do nothing and see the same Bright Colors on these walls inside

Lying on white beaches that once were burning bright with our fire's light

This is a safe place I say that we should stay right here and waste more time

We sit around and do nothing and see the same Bright Colors on these walls inside

See a row of purple roses live on the Ocean front

And the cliffs of Earth eroding slower than we have fun

When I climbed up the Iron ladder the sky was the bluest one

Looking out as our friends were leaving just as the keg was done

Look West as the Sun sets

Castle stands in our way

Out East there's an orange Moonrise

Radar's aimed our way

The band has plans to play shows around New York City this summer. To check out more of the band's music, visit here and here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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