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Album Review: "Coffee" Single by Resurrection Fern

Album Review: "Coffee" Single by Resurrection Fern

Although people around the world have different norms, rituals, and cultures, most of us tend to reach for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. It’s a practice that, more of than not, transcends geography, race, and religion. And it’s for this very reason that songs about or related to coffee are something most people can get on board with. Resurrection Fern, a Nashville based singer-songwriter, seems to be very well aware of this fact. Her single “Coffee” was released on September 27th.

When people drink coffee at the start of their day, they may be reading the news, thinking about what they have to accomplish, or are simply taking a quiet moment for mindfulness and meditation. For Fern, “Coffee” is about reflection. The mellow track is played on an acoustic guitar. It has a pleasant melody and a nice, slow steadiness to it, but it’s not a happy song, although it’s not a sad song either.

Album Review: "Coffee" Single by Resurrection Fern

Fern’s lyrics touch on the theme of self-awareness. It opens with: “Coffee rings on the shelf, Writing messages to myself, About who I’m supposed to be, The fight against probability, I try to be me, What I think I need...” However, as the song progresses, it slowly veers away from self-awareness and segways into an analysis of how someone else perceives her, and how she is waiting to hear the other person’s opinion.

Fern sings about trying to “escape the machine,” which can be interpreted in a number of ways. But then she follows up with this: “Find a way to make it seem, Like I, like I don’t care, Watch how, watch how I fair, As I prepare, For you to declare, Declare, How I fair, With you…” She proceeds to ask if she is doing OK and states that she knows the other person likes to play games with her. At the end, she seems to be asking for a truthful opinion from the mysterious listener.

The somewhat ambiguous nature of the song provides a bit of mystery. It’s hard to know whether Fern is addressing a romantic partner, a family member, a friend, or none of the above. What is clear is that she is waking up to her thoughts and feelings. She is becoming aware of how what she needs and what she wants may be different things. Check out “Coffee” by Resurrection Fern.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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