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Event Spotlight: 13th Annual NYC Greek Film Festival Runs Thursday October 17th Through Wednesday Oc

Includes a record 48 screenings, with Q&A sessions from writers, producers, directors, and film stars!

If you’re not excited about the 13th Annual NYC Greek Film Festival (NYCGRFF) happening in October, you’re probably not familiar with the impressive portfolio created by the diverse number of visionary filmmakers and associated talent. From beautiful shorts to moving and comedic feature-length films, the 48 selected works show an astounding range and diversity of perspectives stemming from one of the oldest cultures in the world.

The festival, which first opened in 2007 as a showcase of new and older Greek film productions, aims to entertain as well as educate the general public about Greek cinematographic art and all that it entails, from acting to stage design to the music score. Due to its success and massive draw over the years, the festival expanded its platform to showcase quality films featuring Greek elements that will be screened at NYC’s historic Florence Gould Hall Theater (FIAF), as well as films not associated with Greek culture, which will be available exclusively on the NYCGRFF website.

Aside from film, the FIAF branch of the festival also includes an art component. According to the NYCGRFF:

“The Festival will kick off with a retrospective tribute to Alexander the Great as part of the opening night ceremonies. This exceptional exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Postbyzantine Studies of Venice and includes a presentation in various digital applications of a unique byzantine manuscript of the 14th c. kept in the museum of the Institute. It consists the richest medieval manuscript of the world which depicts Alexander the Great’s Life and Exploits in 250 miniatures...The exhibition will also include a display of eight Alexander the Great-themed engravings carved by prominent artists from the ‘XOTARIS’ gallery.”

The exhibition will be followed by a screening of the 2018 film, In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry. The plot revolves around a social utopia that is established on a small piece of land; there, people live their lives while abiding by their own set of laws and moral values that ultimately lead to a happier and more content existence than contemporary society.

In line with the theme of social reflection and analysis, this year’s festival also highlights the work and struggles of women, both in film and real life. Furthermore, on October 23rd, the last night of the festival, attendees will get to enjoy a closing ceremony, including a concert presented by Maro Theodoraki: “Greek Female New Yorkers Perform Songs from Greek Composers.”

All in all, the festival promises to be a spectacular affair full of amazing events, such as film screenings, art exhibits, special talks and Q&A segments, concerts, talent spotlights, and honorary tributes. Make sure to check out the festival and all it has to offer at the 13th Annual NYC Greek Film Festival!

Note* Event Spotlight is a sponsored post by Rick Eberle Media.

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