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Album Review: "Dating School" by Miss Cactus & the Desert music video and track review

In recent history, women have called out for more representation, inclusion, and acceptance in society. As such, we are seeing an incredible amount of progressive agendas, initiatives, and projects being launched worldwide to address this demand, and it’s been wonderful to witness. Of course, there are still those who want to restore traditional norms back to their former esteem. The new single “Dating School” from Miss Cactus & The Desert addresses individuals who are still holding on to their outdated notions on gender norms and courting rituals.

Released on February 19th, the refreshing single from their upcoming debut EP Oasis, is a fun mix of Spanish and Caribbean influences, which is interesting considering the band is based in Boston. According to the press release: “It summarizes Miss Cactus' experience growing up with sexist traditions as a woman of color and seeing these matters play a role when it comes to the dating world.” The track is performed by Alondra Ramirez Ladd, a rising songstress with a passion for social equality. Her goal is to empower women, especially those struggling with their sexuality and restricting social expectations.

The “new wave tropical pop music” of Miss Cactus & The Desert is energetic, fun, and entertaining, as is the accompanying music video. “The two characters [depicted in the visual] story represent women as they are negatively perceived in traditional culture: sexualized, submissive, dumb or weak which are better translated positively and not to be confused as powerful, intuitive and feminine.” It is Miss Cactus’ hope that by bringing this blunt image to the screen, women will be inspired to contradict it in life. Furthermore, the music video serves as a lens through which the feminine has a wider definition.

Produced by Cristobal Cruz Garcia and Leonardo Varella, who plays one of the two guitars in the band, the track is energetic, attention grabbing, and progressive in its message. Aside from Alondra, it also features William Candelario on drums; William Graves on bass; Evad Campbell on keyboard, Yanni Giannakopoulos on guitar, and Thomas Antonio Debelian on percussion. The band’s debut EP Oasis, is set to drop in 2019. Until then, make sure to check out the track and music video for “Dating School,” and learn more about the emerging band here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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