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Album Review: Made Out Of Stars EP by Anne Steele

Album Review: Made Out Of Stars EP by Anne Steele

Made Out Of Stars is a recently released EP from Anne Steele, the multi-award winning singer/songwriter from NYC. It’s an awesome record that’s perfect for a night out on the town, dancing at the club, or chilling with your friends over drinks; although, some songs are a little calmer than others. The seven-track record was produced by Nash Overstreet and Shane Stevens and comes off as clean and polished. The collaboration is a new sound for the three-time winner of New York’s esteemed Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Club Award.

Paying homage to the greats as well as contributing her own talents as a songwriter, Steele's Made Out of Stars features both original songs and tributes to popular hits, such as “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. Furthermore, she has already established herself as a sought out artist having performed her own material alongside Cyndi Lauper and opening up for Sandra Bernhard as well as others. Her ability to fluctuate between sincerely delivered ballads and contemporary dance hits show her wide range.

Although catchy beats that characterize the majority of Steele’s songs on the album—such as “Obsessed,” “Love Somebody” and the remixed “Love Can Take Us There”— will get you pumped and energized, her talents as an artist become more apparent when she wears her heart on her sleeve; Steele’s tribute to her friends in the emotionally charged “I Miss Those Days” is a great example of her songwriting abilities. Her seemingly natural ability for storytelling make this a ballad that sticks out from the rest of the songs, in part because it’s personal, revealing, and extremely relatable.

Anne Steele

Steele’s onstage presentation is mature, sophisticated, and very well measured. Although some of her songs may remind you of popular tracks by songstresses like Ariana Grande or even Rihanna, her performance style is closer to what you would expect from Adele. Having been in the music business for some time, Steele exudes confidence, self-awareness, and—perhaps more importantly—a high level of reserved professionalism. For people like me, this is a major plus. Check out more from the artist here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners. Photos credit, Christopher Boudewyns.

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