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Album Review: "Mary Did You Know" track and music video review

The holidays are an amazing time to look around and celebrate our diversity, in part because a variety of festive events happen to occur within a short period of one another. Even if you don’t observe a particular holiday, the season still offers us the opportunity to partake in celebrations with our families and friends, exposing us to ideas and traditions that may not be our own.

And this is what makes the cover of “Mary Did You Know” by Arden & the Wolves particularly nice. According to Arden Leigh:

“This song is my Christmas gift to you, for whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, if any at all. It's a spell to remind you that even when your path seems darkest, you have all the power you need within you to catapult yourself into the light. You can heal everything in your body that came before you, and the more you heal yourself, the greater healing you bring to the collective."

The track is certainly a unique take on a timeless classic. Leigh first had the idea to cover the song because she was interested in hearing a “gothier version” of it. With elements of darkwave that are hard to miss, this version of “Mary Did You Know” has a soft rock feel that’s both haunting and provocative, but never quite assertive or overpowering.

The video perfectly complements the track; it’s beautifully shot, but also appears to be low key and respectful. It was produced by Jeremy Dawson and featured additional production by Stacy O'Dell. For those who may not be aware:

“‘Mary Did You Know’ asks Mary Mother of Jesus if she knew at his birth that her child would grow up to realize himself as the Son of God. At that time she had been a young unwed expectant mother crossing the desert on camel nine months pregnant for a government census, unsure if she would have a safe space in which to deliver her child, and ultimately having to do so in a stable, using a manger for a crib.”

Regardless of what you celebrate, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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