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Album Review: All the Water EP by Deb Montgomery

The just released EP, All The Water, by Seattle based singer-songwriter Deb Montgomery is simply wonderful. A fusion of folk rock and death pop, the EP also features thoughtfully articulated lyrics that are nothing short of poetry, resulting in something truly special. Consisting of five, very well produced tracks, the EP surprisingly packs a lot of range; from joy to sorrow, Montgomery is skilled at conveying emotion in a way that echoes the talents of Bob Dylan and the flair of Neil Young.

Album Review: All the Water EP by Deb Montgomery

Montgomery is by no means new to the music scene, having worked in New York, Toronto, and – of course – Seattle. Teaming up with producer Mikel Perkins at the start of summer, the talented musician seems to have found a new direction for her art, one that explores the delicate line that exists between vulnerability and strength, pairing beautifully arranged compositions with smart and approachable vocals. "I've been on fire about these songs and imagine them rolling through the world because of their invitation to healing and hoping, to staying connected in the midst of all that is falling apart."

Album Review: All the Water EP by Deb Montgomery

The start of the title track, “All the Water,” for example, reminds me of “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, though it doesn’t escalate to the same degree in terms of intensity: “You got me and I got free, that’s the way it goes, that’s the way it goes.” “Mend” is probably the calmest on the EP, with a graceful sound that is melancholy and reflective: “Little bird you could fly high and sing your song.” But, “Dig for Diamonds” is by far my favorite: “You can turn this around, it’s Ok to be lost, so you can be found.”

"All the Water was written early this year mostly on the Oregon Coast. I moved over to electric guitar and a Vox Amp and began to write differently,” she states. “The EP was recorded in Soundhouse within a month, and features some of Seattle's best players." These include Karl Benitez on keyboards, Trevor Lyon on electric guitar, Yun-En Liu on violin, Jens Gunnoe on drums, Darren Milsom on bass, Mikel Perkins on string arrangements, and Liz Porcayo on back up vocals. Check out the EP here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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