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Album Review: "Upscale Madhouse" (single) by Gideon King & City Blog

There’s no denying that sometimes people need a pick-me-up. Though beautiful, life also gets complicated, uncertain, and stressful. That’s when we start looking around for something that can make it better, and music is often our first go-to. “Upscale Madhouse” is a new single from Gideon King & City Blog off of the band’s new album Upscale Mad House, and it just may be the uplifting track you may want to listen to when life gets a little extra.

Poetry set to music has worked out for a whole range of artists from The Doors to Gradmaster Melle Mel. Similarly, it works for Gideon King & City Blog. The calm, soothing, and harmonious melody of “Upscale Madhouse” is accompanied by thoughtful observations and soothing mantras that most people can easily relate to. “I’ll make it home, on my own two feet,” is a great example of this.

Mad House, based on what I can deduce from the single, seems to have been created with a certain amount of self-awareness and personal reflection. “Taking elements from classic jazz, rock, pop, and more, the track's light-hearted cynicism and social commentary are what make it truly memorable.” This may very well stem from the fact that Gideon King grew up in New York City, and the influence it has on him seeps into his music.

Though in recent years, NYC has become a fairly safe and community-friendly city, numerous natives of the Big Apple still maintain cautious and analytical perspectives about their surroundings. According to King: "New York is a dirty place even though the streets have been slightly cleaned up since I was a kid. Everybody [is] tripping on their own motivations and instincts... People Photoshop their lives on Facebook with great deliberation, but they are still animals in their natural habitat. It is what it is.”

The musicians on the album include Gideon King, Conrad Sewell, Elliott Skinner, Marc Broussard, John Scofield, Donny Mccaslin, Carolyn Leonhart, Brendan Fletcher, Grace Weber, James Genus, and Kate Kelsey Sugg. Go here to check out the single from Gideon King & City Blog.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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