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Album Review: American Sessions by The Stangs


Album Review: American Sessions by The Stangs

There are many ways to create great music, but, there’s something special about ensembles that rely on little more than vocals, percussion, and electric guitars. The Stangs, a rising post-punk band hailing from Western Wales, is about to drop American Sessions, a four-track EP it speedily recorded in our very own Garden State (New Jersey). Produced by Michael Baker, the album perfectly captures the raw and impassioned sound we’ve come to expect from bands coming out of the UK, and this one is particularly good.

Album Review: American Sessions by The Stangs

Though the music is catchy and energetic, it’s nothing new or particularly groundbreaking. This is not a criticism, as those of us pining for the glory days of straightforward 90’s alternative rock are more than happy to hear something so familiar, and simultaneously so removed from the actual era. Lead guitarist, vocalist, and principle writer Graeme Heath, who has a distinct voice characterized by a very specific English tang, provides the lyrics. Josh Lomas on bass and Glenn Alcock on drums carry the rest and do a pretty fantastic job.

Album Review: American Sessions by The Stangs

“The Beekeeper,” the first track on American Sessions, is quintessentially Britpop. Fast and loose, but melodically sound it embodies both rock and blues influences. Next up is “She’s a Stranger.” It's a lot slower and more lyric focused, which is good since it deals with the subject of uncertain love. It is followed by “Never Been to London,” a slightly faster track than the one before it, but mellower than the first. And then there’s “Dirty Faces,” a pleasant punk-lite song that's stylistically evoking of 1970s rock.

Album Review: American Sessions by The Stangs

Fans of Oasis, The Strokes, Jet, or The Clash may find The Stangs to be a great new band with just the right amount of old school post-punk flare and contemporary Britpop elements to keep them engaged. Cool, well-produced, and thoroughly enjoyable, American Sessions is an album with true, wide-ranging appeal that will surely propel the band to stardom in the very near future. Check out The Stangs' newly released single and stop by the band's Facebook page to keep up with the latest news!

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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