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Music Review: "Ukraine" Single by Bill Greenberg

War, it seems, is something that humanity is programmed for. And while technology may improve and methodologies may evolve, at the end of the day — at least for now — wars are predominantly fought by people. It’s hard to wrap our minds around the horrors of those experiences if we haven’t personally gone through them, but through the eyes of others, we get a glimpse of war’s true face, and it is hideous.

"Ukraine" Single by Bill Greenberg
"Ukraine" Single by Bill Greenberg

“My jeans are patched, my bags are torn, my body’s aching in the storm, but I’ll walk on through the morning, because I know where I belong,” sings Bill Greenberg on his recently released single, “Ukraine.” The New York City-based musician wanted to write a song that would narrate the feeling of being in the middle of war — what drives someone to fight, and what fuels their motivation to win.

“The powerful track combines elements of folk and world music to create a forceful sound supporting its Anti-War lyrical themes,” reads the press release for the single. And it hits home. Imagining the sacrifices made by the fighters, Greenberg paints a picture of humanity, endurance, and commitment to victory. “The shattered houses, the fractured streets, the gnawing pain in my feet, but I’ll walk on through the morning, till I know it’s complete…”

The style of this track has a certain familiarity. Situated somewhere between Bob Dylan’s storytelling talents and Lou Reed’s musicality, the track brings to mind politically-active artists of yesteryear, whose work was meant to entertain but, more importantly, inform and challenge its listeners by hitting on their emotional chords, sort to speak. And it’s a powerful goal for activist art, which in this particular case is very well executed.

While Greenberg has been a professional musician for some time, even touring with his band Basic Tracks, his solo material gives a voice to his musical and philosophical pursuits. “Ukraine,” which was produced by Brandon Merluccio, fits into this category as the “new single covers a topic close to his heart.” So check out the track and make sure to stream it on Spotify today.

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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