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Music Review: "Tried and True" Single by Julia Pratt

"Tried and True" Single by Julia Pratt
"Tried and True" Single by Julia Pratt

“‘Tried and True’ was my attempt to articulate the internal monolog running through someone's mind during their last moments,” states Julia Pratt, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter based out of Philly. The single, released on February 4th on all streaming platforms, is definitely a dark venture into a heavy subject. “I wanted it to sonically capture the feelings of desolation, longing, resignation, chaos, and exhaustion that can accompany a nervous breakdown.”

Performed in a style similar to Billie Eilish, Pratt’s breathy, calm, and delicate vocals certainly give the single an ethereal-like quality. Her lyrics, however, remind us that the track is an explorative dreamscape that tells “the story of someone trying to find the words to say goodbye to their loved ones, acknowledging the pain they've inflicted on those closest to them but still desperately wanting to explain themselves one last time.”

“Tried and true, I’m making my great escape, All consumed, It’s never an even break,” sings Pratt on the intro over a peaceful piano melody and layered vocals. Synth notes come in shortly thereafter, giving the track more nuance and depth. “I wanted the background vocals to mimic how it feels to gasp for breath, and after I decided I wanted that to be the focal point of the song the story flowed from there,” elaborates the artist.

The three-minute (+) dream pop track was performed by Julia Pratt and Morgan Satterfield. While Pratt handled the vocals, Satterfield was responsible for the music, operating the piano and software instruments. These become a lot more prominent about two-and-a-half minutes in, as the harmony hardens and the synth becomes more pulsating, resembling a heart. Given how much thought was put into the song, this seems fully and perfectly intentional.

Julia Pratt is definitely someone who, I think, people will get to know. Her voice and style are currently popular, and there is demand for her sound, which is likely to grow. So, make sure to follow the artist on her Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages, and stay in the know about her upcoming projects. From the artwork for her single to the emotionality she brings to her sound, Pratt is someone to watch.

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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