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Music Review: “Nunca” Single by Sammi Rae

A great summer soundtrack can elevate our memories of seasonal shenanigans to a level of epicness worthy of reflection for a lifetime. Now that summer is actually here, the song selection process is upon us. “Nunca” the debut solo track by emerging reggaeton singer Sammi Rae is premiering on all major music networks as of tomorrow, June 12th, but we have early access and that means you do, too. And it just may become your summer hit.

It starts off nice and cool, with Rae’s vocals grabbing immediate attention. She gets right to the point, singing about her tendency to invest too much in romantic relationships, which results in her getting hurt. But, she refuses to change for her suitors, though it also means the relationships don’t last. Immediately after she states this, the song picks up the pace and introduces a familiar reggae beat that is almost characteristic of reggaeton music.

As the song progresses, Rae reveals that she’s now standing on her own, because wasting time on someone who does not appreciate her efforts and sacrifices for the relationship is quite silly and aimless. Meanwhile, the electronic music is actively giving off chill summer vibes that are perfect for a beach dance party. Appropriate for the club, a relaxing evening, or a feminist anthem, the track is easy on the ears and good for the soul.

Apparently, Rae “found her voice in the reggaeton genre with several releases alongside Los Vegas; where the back and forth call and answer formula between the female/male and English/Spanish is implemented precisely with a tension and passion that is palpable for any listener.” She does appear to draw a crowd, with over 18,000 followers on Instagram alone. Her voice is certainly an attraction, but the singer is also a rising model and actress.

It seems that Sammi Rae is someone we will be hearing a lot more about in the near future. From music to modeling to film, she is pursuing her dreams with admirable dedication and steadfast commitment. So, make sure to check out her Instagram page, website, and music, cause Rae is on the rise.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.


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