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Music Review: Musica para mi Madre by Monsieur Job

Cover of Musica para mi Madre by Monsieur Job
Musica para mi Madre by Monsieur Job

It’s very rare for me to enjoy every single song on an album, especially if it has over 20 different tracks, and yet this is in fact the case with “Musica para mi Madre,” the latest release by the musical duo Monsieur Job. Dropped in July of 2021, the album is already receiving critical acclaim from reviewers across the world, and there’s a damn good reason for that. It is a very well produced, mixed, and arranged record, and each of its 25 tracks is really enjoyable.

First and foremost, what I like about the album is that it’s light on the lyrics, with only a handful of songs actually providing any. The arrangements steal all the spotlight, and considering the vast number of influences that its creators are inspired by, there is a lot of variation on the album, despite it having a fairly cohesive musical theme woven throughout. From reggaeton to jazz to soul to electronic music, there really is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

None of the tracks are particularly loud or aggressive or fast, yet you can dance to them, enjoy a conversation and a cup of coffee with friends, or take a long and relaxing drive to some seriously awesome music. Hell, you can send this record to your mom, and she’ll probably love it. This, in part, is because the music on “Musica para mi Madre” was inspired by the real life mom of Toby Holguin, the founder and creative director of Monsieur Job.

According to the press release, the 82-year-old matriarch actually wrote “Corre Caballito,” the last track on the album, when Holguin was born. Furthermore, she “has been a true guiding light for his life and career; his original appreciation of art and culture comes from her and other close family members.” But there’s another meaning to the title, too. “Madre” could also mean “Mother Earth.” Since Holguin draws inspiration from music around the world, this makes sense.

Monsieur Job
Monsieur Job

A number of accomplished musicians participated in the creation of the record, including Leo Jaramillo (clarinet, gaita, saxophone) and Juan Moreno (guitar), “plus fantastic performances by Carlos Zapata (trumpet and guitar), Edgardo Manuel (trombone and violin), David Guerra (guitar), Abstain Caviedes (trombone), Miguel Salazar (acordeón) and Camilo Mina (saxophone, xylophone, clarinet, percussion efx).” But the album was written and produced by Toby Holguin.

“These songs are a lead into a theatrical circus presentation that is currently in production based on the sounds and themes of the music and storyline.” To keep up with the latest news from Monsieur Job, check out their official website and make sure to give them a listen on Spotify!


  1. Capri

  2. Da Funk

  3. Backstabbers

  4. Dashat

  5. Eme Jota

  6. Irony

  7. Eduardo y Adelaida

  8. Madrid 87

  9. Piel Roja

  10. I Dream In Colors

  11. Rapsodia

  12. Thank You JESUS

  13. The Guiding Light

  14. Another Casualty

  15. Soul Slurp

  16. Collage

  17. The Light

  18. Kiss The Rain

  19. Uno Con el Mundo

  20. Varanasi

  21. Red

  22. Chinga Tu Madre

  23. Changes

  24. Spinner

  25. Corre Caballito

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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