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Music Review: "Awake at Night" Single by Andrea Ward

New York City based multi-instrumentalist and multi-media entertainer (dance choreographer, filmmaker, etc.) Andrea Ward “occupies a realm all her own.” While that may be true, Ward's sound appears to be inspired by a slew of familiar subgenres, like Icelandic Pop, Norwegian Rock, Experimental, Alternative Pop, Permanent Wave, and touches of the Avant-Garde.

"Awake at Night" Single by Andrea Ward
"Awake at Night" Single by Andrea Ward

Following "Game" and "Algorithm,” Ward’s new song "Awake at Night” is the third single from her upcoming album Ribbon of Water, scheduled for release on January 20th. To me, her music lands in the same category as Enya’s or Aurora’s; it's calm, but far from boring; it has depth, which comes from strategic mixing and mastering, rather than instrumental complexity.

Andrea Ward
Andrea Ward

And then there are the lyrics. We are all familiar with being wide awake at night, overthinking, when we should be asleep. Her latest track touches on that very feeling, though with a positive spin. Ward wants the audience to interpret its lyrics as a “roaring voice” from the “deep subconscious” telling us “to get up and move.”

Andrea Ward and PJ Donahue
Andrea Ward and PJ Donahue

As someone who takes comfort in dance, the artist sees it as a therapeutic outlet during an uncertain time. To her, the song is a blend of her two favorite mediums. “My music sounds the way that my dance looks, both fluid and sharp,” explains Ward, “as if a force of nature was trying to nurture you and sting you at the same time, just enough to force you to move.”

Ward’s videos for previous singles, where she does her own choreography, show off her unique side. The music video for “Awake at Night,” though, features no dancing. Instead, it shows Ward playing an array of instruments in the recording studio, with the percussion being handled by PJ Donahue, who also appears in the videos for Ward’s other songs.

At this time, Ward has released three singles from her upcoming album Ribbon of Water. Although my favorite music video has to be for the track “Game,” I prefer the music on “Awake at Night” to the other singles, which is not to say that the other tracks are not very enjoyable — they are. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album when it drops.

In the meantime, follow Andrea Ward here.

Tracklist Ribbon of Water scheduled for release on 1/20/23:

1. “Game”

2. “Awake at Night”

3. “Algorithm”

4. “Everything That Moves”

5. “Get Down and Swim”

6. “Visiting Rooms”

7. “Red Moon”

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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