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Music Review: "At the Door" single by Amanda Easton

Wallflower by Amanda Easton
Wallflower by Amanda Easton

Although most people hope to spend a lifetime with someone they love, that is not always an attainable dream. “At the Door,” the new single by Australian electronic pop artist Amanda Easton, is a good reminder that when it comes to relationships, a decade can be both a very long and a very short period of time. The track is off of Easton’s recently released full-length album called Wallflower, and it’s about the end of a 10-year relationship minus the closure, the “remains” of which were packed into a shoebox and left at the door by her former partner.

The professional performer has a distinct voice and a unique singing style that heavily features her signature voice vibrato. It takes front and center on “At the Door,” as Easton croons over a slow and moody electronic melody that features elements of pop rock, art pop, and hints of theatrical drama. The single was produced by Easton — who’s also on keys, Wow & Warmth, Pete Hopkins, and Simon Morel — who, along with Cub Callaway, is on guitar.

“This album was made in 2020,” explains the artist in the press release. “I thought a lot about my lack of confidence and shyness as a teenager. While I still have moments of insecurity, I think how far I've come… I'd like to go back and tell my younger self not to worry, that I would 'bloom eventually.’ Teenage 'me' is the wallflower in the title and this album tells stories about events and people from my past.” Fans can catch a preview of the 12-track work on YouTube.

Released on February 20th and currently available on vinyl via Renaissance Records, Wallflower is Easton’s third album. “She's released two albums and three EPS with two of her singles appearing in the top 10 of the independent Aussie charts. Her music videos and live performances have graced Aussie television screens including 'MTV' and she has performed on stages throughout Europe and Australia including sell-out shows at the Sydney Opera House.”

Amanda Easton
Amanda Easton

Check out more from the artist on Soundcloud, and keep up with her on social via Facebook and Instagram.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.


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