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Music Review: Always You Album by Lyia Meta

Always You by Lyia Meta
Always You by Lyia Meta

Lyia Meta, an award-winning singer and songwriter, has a lovely and seasoned voice. The Malaysia-born performer’s done her due diligence honing in her rare contralto vocal range over the last two decades, which is why she is simply spectacular on her recently released record Always You. The eight-track album blends jazz, pop, and the blues, and features some incredible performances by Meta, making it the perfect addition to your musical collection.

Always You, a lyrical collaboration between Meta and songwriter Denise Dimin, centers around the themes of love, life and joy. Take, for example, the title track that focuses on affection for a special person, even if on occasion other people catch the storyteller’s attention; at the end of the day, though, her affection is reserved for her love. The album, though, tackles other themes, too, such as the fleeting nature of time in “Never Enough Time,” the album’s second track.

Next up is “Up to You,” another beautiful love song that covers longing, anticipation, and infatuation; it’s about giving the storyteller’s love interest an opportunity to decide if they reciprocate her feelings. “For You,” however, has a different feel than the other songs. Seemingly written post breakup, the track inquires if the former love interest is still thinking about the storyteller. And if so, can they get back together?

“Savor Me” gets us back on track to optimistic and positive love. Much like the title insinuates, the song has a culinary spin on coupling — lots of references to melting and craving, as well as flavor and temperature — making it a fun track for summer loving. But “As We Throw Caution To The Wind” features a more sophisticated and polished approach to conveying attraction, both an auditory and lyrical perspective, as it’s a more polished and serious song.

Next to last is “To Know What It’s Like” and it’s a very pretty and well produced track, even if personally it’s not my favorite. The tempo is a bit slower and the music is more mature, which may make it very appealing to audiences with a taste for soundtracks of classic movies. The last song on the record is “My Dream Lover,” which is jazzy and bluesy, and touches on a common theme — dreaming of people we either already have or hope to eventually fall in love with.

Lyia Meta
Lyia Meta

"In my entire career as a live circuit performer and an artist, I have found that being true to myself and my influences is what makes me the artist I am proud to be,” shares Meta. “With Always You, the story continues as I attempt to retell the words written by songwriter Denise Dimin through my own experiences and emotions.” Check out the beautiful work here and here!


Bob McGilpin: guitar, drum, bass, arrangement, mix master

Gene Rabbai: piano, orchestration

Produced by: Bob McGilpin & Lyia Meta

Note* Music provided for objective review by our partners.


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