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Designing the United States Capital: A photo essay


The White House ("President's House") Washington, D.C. Site plan and principal story plan (1807)

Architect: Latrobe, Benjamin Henry (1764 — 1820)

United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. Ground story - stairs, Supreme Court, vestibule (1806)

Architect: Latrobe, Benjamin Henry (1764 — 1820)

Lincoln Memorial (Washington, D.C.). Interior with sculpture. Perspective. Rendering (between 1912 and 1917)

Architect: Bacon, Henry (1866 — 1924)

Architectural drawing for the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Floor plan (1873)

Architect: Paul J. Pelz

Architectural drawing for a fireproof repository for the Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. (1805)

Architect: Latrobe, Benjamin Henry (1764 — 1820)

Architectural drawing for the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. (1837)

Architect: Force, Peter (1790 —1868)

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