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Battles of Barbary Pirates and Privateers: A photo essay


1538 Battle of Preveza (1866)

by Ohannes Umed Behzad

A French ship and Barbary pirates (1615)

by Aert Anthoniszoon (1579 – 1620)

The Dutch in Tripoli (1670)

by Lieve Pietersz Verschuier (1627 — 1686)

by Thomas Luny (1759 — 1837)

Scene of the attack of Amiral Dupperé (ship La Provence) during the bombing of Algiers in 1830 ( circa 1837)

by Antoine Léon Morel-Fatio (1810 — 1871)

Battle of a French ship of the line and two galleys of the Barbary corsairs (1858)

by Théodore Gudin (1802 – 1880)

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