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The Pink Floyd & Wu-Tang Clan Mashup That Just May Change Your Life: The Dark Side of the Wu EP

In 1965, a group of English musicians came together and evolved psychedelic rock into a true art form. Using beautiful extended compositions, otherworldly auditory experimentation, and deep philosophical lyrics, Pink Floyd is widely celebrated for its iconic form of storytelling. The Wall (1979) and The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) are among the best-selling albums in music history!

New York City’s most underrated borough gave rise to one of the most influential hardcore hip-hop bands of all time — the Wu-Tang Clan. Formed in 1992, the game-changing ensemble of colorful characters slinging razor sharp lyrics managed to elevate their genre and inspired countless artists with their rhymes, tenacity, and unparalleled grit for over 25 years!

As a huge fan of both, I was shocked to find out that DJ Piztrumentals — arguably a genius that slipped through the slimy cracks of the mainstream — created my new obsession, The Dark Side of the Wu, as far back as 2014. How this clever visionary didn’t get more widespread love for his remarkable work is a puzzle I cannot solve today, but I am sincerely grateful for his efforts.

The legendary mashup combines verses by the Wu-Tang Clan with Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, and it is utterly, unequivocally, and unbelievably awesome. And while some purists will be appalled at the mere idea of tampering with perfection (which had been achieved by both bands, respectively), I highly recommend giving it a listen; it just may change your life.

The 24-minute EP features five tracks: “An Intro”; “Release Yo Delf”; “Da Mystery of Chessboxin”; “Labels”; “Third World”: “C.R.E.A.M.”; “Mighty Healthy”; “Assassination Day”; “R.E.C. Room”; and “Outro.” While I love the whole album, I’ve played “Release Yo Delf” more times than I care to admit publicly. “Third World” is my undisputed second favorite.

The Pink Floyd & Wu-Tang Clan Mashup That Just May Change Your Life: The Dark Side of the Wu EP by DJ Piztrumentals

Of course, I would have loved a version of “Gravel Pit” to be included on the EP, but I’ll gladly give credit where it’s due — DJ Piztrumentals’ The Dark Side of the Wu is an incredible, award-worthy homage to two completely different bands that came from two entirely different backgrounds at two very different times. And it really is a mashup I never knew I totally needed.

This album review is not sponsored by our partners, it’s just too good not to share.

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