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Album Review: Wake Up Call EP by Thomas Priest

So much of music is about character. In fact, character may be the main reason bands like the Sex Pistols were even a big deal; it certainly wasn’t because of their prolific knowledge of different scales. Up and coming singer/songwriter, Thomas Priest doesn’t appear to have revealed his character, as of yet. His newly released EP Wake Up Call is a good example of a musician in search of his identity.

Wake Up Call Ep by Thomas Priest

What I can say about Priest is that he’s a good performer; his melodies are engaging and he has a lovely voice. But, that isn’t going to cut it in the competitive music industry. “Distant Memory,” where fast guitars and steady beats make for a nice intro, sounds a lot like many other songs I’ve heard before. It’s about missed opportunity, where a love interest is whisked away by someone else. While the track is enjoyable, it’s not exactly memorable.

The song I liked the most is actually “Ignorance.” It’s got a popish R&B vibe that’s easy to dance to and nice to chill to. It feels slightly out of place on the album, but in a good way, as it shows Priest’s range and versatility, though, it’s not enough to make him really stand apart from his contemporaries. Still, including the song with the other selections on the EP was a nice touch. Similarly, the title track is pretty good, even if a little somber.

I think “What Do We Do” was my least favorite, which is not to say that it was objectively bad — just not for me. It’s about a girl that broke up with a boy and the boy is sad about it. While most people can probably relate to his heartbreak, I can’t really see the song becoming a go-to break-up anthem. The album also features a surprisingly pleasant collaboration on “Safe Tonight.” Lindsey Mac provides half of the vocals; turns out Priest and Mac sing very well together.

Overall, Wake Up Call, the second EP released by Thomas Priest is a nice record, if not a particularly exciting one. The rising artist is just starting to find his voice as a musician, so make sure to follow his progress moving forward and check out his work on Spotify HERE.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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