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Album Review: "Lillimure," the self-titled debut album

Album Review: "Lillimure," the self-titled debut album

Music preference is subjective. Music appreciation, however, is more akin to a science; it requires for the listener to analyze the music’s components and execution from a variety of angles, which make it possible to appreciate a piece of music without actually enjoying it in the slightest. As a music critic, it is always nice to review an album that is not only well-made, but also brings a genuine sense of listening pleasure.

Today's post is not my first positive review of Lillimure’s work, since I've had the honor of covering her single “Something” a few months back. Still, I am happy to present my latest thoughts pertaining to her recently-released, self-titled, debut album. Although each and every track on it features incredible music that is skillfully performed by a collective of talented musicians, it is Lillimure’s calm, controlled, and beautiful voice that makes the album a lovely work of art.

Her lyrics are a mix of poetry and personal reflection, which make her seem much wiser than her 20-years of age may suggest. Coupled with her seasoned voice and her ensemble's excellent delivery, Lillumure’s music is a fantastic collection of songs that are fun, energetic, and very-well produced. Although the style in which she performs is different from Caro Emerald or Regina Spektor, listening to the effortless range of Lillimure’s voice reminds me of these celebrated artists.

According to the artist: "This project has been a dream come true. From getting all the players on the track, to finalizing the art. This album represents different parts of my life in summation and I'm so excited for it to finally be out in the world. It is a continuation my musical journey, and I am thrilled to share." One of her professional goals is to feature the same musicians she works with for her live shows to record her music.

Album Review: "Lillimure," the self-titled debut album

Lillimure's album features Henry Mermer on drums; Sam Caldwell on keys; Jason Robbins on bass; Dawson Abdurahman and Carter Pankow on guitars; Michael Gorlin, Cameron Carrella, and Changhun Park on saxophones; Carey Ozmun on trumpet; and Conor Powers on trombone. The choir is comprised of Charlotte Athinasidy, Samantha Miley, Abby Menocal, Amanda Montgomery, Greg Calidonna, Matthew Harmon, and Donavan Austin. The nine-track album is produced by Jake Lasz.

Check out Lillimure's debut album, website, and social media platforms for more information.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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