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Album Review: American Glory by Eddy Yang

When ARTpublika Magazine first decided to partner with different agencies that represent established as well as emerging talent in the music industry, it was difficult to imagine the scope and range of work we’d get to hear and review. Some of the artists are brilliant musicians with a unique sound and new takes on certain genres; while others are still honing their craft and sharing their journeys with unapologetic candor and openness. Eddy Yang is in the latter category.

His debut album American Glory is a great example of a musician who knows what he wants to achieve and is working out the details in regard to how he’ll do it. It is immediately clear that Yang has consumed and is influenced by a lot of rock music, ranging from punk to alternative to grunge. His sound is raw and unpolished; his percussion is minimalist and pre-recorded; and his delivery is direct and unassuming. In other words, Yang simply does what he likes and unabashedly puts it out there.

Album Review: American Glory by Eddy Yang

When you come across someone with a guitar and a simple desire to express something through their craft, sometimes it’s nice to stop and appreciate the bluntness of that desire without scrutinizing over the proficiency of their delivery. In Yang’s case, I find it easy to listen to his work even though I realize that he uses almost the same drum arrangements in several of the songs — an acceptable fact considering that most songs are based off of three chords. I also realize that American Glory sounds more like a demo than a final product.

The album comes across like a collection of songs that were somehow meant to be homages to retro greats written by the likes of Oasis, Velvet Underground, and Kasabian — among others. Still, Yang doesn't quite hit the mark and may benefit from being mentored by a professional who can provide constructive feedback and an outsider’s perspective. The risk that comes with writing, recording, mixing, and producing your own material is that it takes you longer to identify elements that can make your work better.

Note* Album provided for objective review from our partners.

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