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Album Review: 26 by Ámaris

Album Review: 26 by Ámaris

The latest full-length album by the UK pop/electronic artist Ámaris (Amaris Wenceslas) features twelve new tracks. Entitled 26, it is the fifth record she’s released since 2014. Reportedly, the inspiration for 26 came from her personal experiences. After reflecting on her twenty-six years of life, the emerging artist found herself feeling “disillusioned”; the goal of the record is to convey this feeling through minimalist compositions with light electronic embellishments.

Having previously reviewed Aquamarine, the record Ámaris released in 2018, I can honestly say that I prefer her latest. The first track on the album is “Jelly.” Although it has a great melody, and Ámaris’s vocals work well with the composition, I would prefer it if she didn’t layer them the way she does for a smoother effect. In my opinion, “Suntrack” the second song on 26, features a better vocal arrangement and a more captivating tempo.

“Diamond” has a rhythm and blues feel to it. It also includes some adult language, which gives the song a little additional edge. It is followed up by “Numb,” which is not my favorite due to its melancholy nature, even though Ámaris’s voice is nicely showcased on it. “Last Day in The World” has an interesting melody and is well-arranged, but “I Need You” is a little too generic for my taste, as is “Snow Flake.” Appropriately, “Storm” is nice and moody, while “Thankful” is airy and calm.

“Long Way” is probably the most direct example of Ámaris’s “disillusionment.” The music is somber and calm but confrontational. The vocals are soft and complementary to the melody, perhaps because she kept them fairly straightforward. Personally, I liked “Blurred” most of all; the tempo, the chorus, and the production of the track are more in line with what I would listen to on my own. The last song is called “Supernova” and it comes with a short film directed by Andy Quan, which you can check out below.

Overall, the album is an interesting venture into the creative world of an artist who likes to play by her own rules. Still, I believe that Ámaris is only beginning to find her sound and will inevitably grow and evolve as an artist. Although her album, 26, will be released on August 5th, 2019, it is currently available on BandCamp. Check out more from Amaris here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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