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Album Review: Singing You This Song by LeeSun

Album Review: Singing You This Song by LeeSun

Singing You This Song – the recently released album from the United Kingdom based singer songwriter LeeSun – is melodic, poetic, and emotionally straightforward. Best classified as quirky folk, her album is full of quiet empowerment, which may be particularly appealing to people going through a tough time or those who simply need a pick-me-up that extends beyond the superficial “keep your head up” sentiments found in a lot of mainstream music. Her work is packed with messages of personal growth through learning, healing, and evolving. And, for what it’s worth, they seem to be coming from a personal place.

The tracks on this album appear to be about the struggles people may have growing up in difficult circumstances. They frequently touch on the personal relationships individuals have with (or because of) their families. For example, in “Mother Dear” LeeSun reflects: “Mother Dear, it’s not OK to say those terrible things, you talk to yourself like nobody else, so meanly. Don’t you know, I’m like a sponge, I soak up all of your words. Plant them like seeds they grow into trees, rooted deeply...” The background music if fairly melancholy, with acoustic guitars and soft backup vocals highlighting the tone of the message.

But, my favorite song is “My Life,” in part because of its upbeat music and slightly more aggressive tone, which makes it stand apart from pretty much all of the other tracks on Singing You This Song. It’s got a quicker tempo and some cool sax in the background that makes it a lot more enjoyable for my personal taste. The lyrics also express a more positive, self-aware outlook, where LeeSun unapologetically takes ownership of who she is. The chorus cheerfully chimes: “This is my life, get your own.” Its music video is equally uplifting; the playfulness and simplicity nicely compliment the track and LeeSun’s devil-may-care message.

According to LeeSun: “Singing You This Song is about honestly and unashamedly feeling and expressing your own feelings in any moment. It's about processing extremely difficult and painful experiences, and emerging on the other side, more free and powerful, with an ever increasing capacity to love." While the thirteen-track album may not appeal to everyone, it is well produced and packed with sincere messages of perseverance. To learn more about the rising artist, check out more from LeeSun here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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