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Album Review: Dance into the Desert by Heather Gruber

Album Review: Dance into the Desert by Heather Gruber

In a complicated world that’s full of stress, difficulty, and uncertainty, there is also the music of Heather Gruber, the LA-based musician from Tennessee. Uplifting, positive, and – for the lack of a better word – sincere; her compositions, harmonies, and lyrics provide a much needed light when life starts to feel like a dark tunnel. So, it’s not surprising that I look forward to the release of her upcoming 13-track album Dance into the Desert that’s set to debut on November 30th, 2018.

Gruber's songs are full of unassuming, pleasant, and emotionally striking optimism. As she chronicles her acclimation period to relocating to one of the busiest and biggest cities in the world, her worries and apprehensions are evident on the album, as are her dreams, motivation, and general sense of curiosity. "This album tells the story of my leap of faith to start a life in Los Angeles... It covers the highs and lows, the beauty and the struggle, and wraps it up into a pretty little bow."

Album Review: Dance into the Desert by Heather Gruber

There is something elegant about the general quality of her songs, very much like the tracks on the debut album by Regina Spektor. Take the beginning of “Stepped Outside” as an example. It starts with a really nice tempo and upbeat ukulele (probably). When Gruber enters, she doesn't belt out a ballad, but chirps a delightful melody that make you feel like you’re in the company of someone who gets it – someone who understands life's uncertainty.

When she begins to sing, her voice is soft but strong and attention grabbing. The lyrics that follow add to the overall appeal: “If I step outside of this cage that I’ve been building, were would I be? If I look outside of this tunnel I’ve been carving, what would I see? If I jump out of the mud that I’ve been stuck in, where would I go? If I chose to be the person I've been hiding, what would I show? ” "Lost in Space" is similar in it's progression and delivery; "Here You Go Again" has a very different theme and tempo.

Overall, Dance into the Desert is a really great album that you should totally check out. Until then, Gruber is sharing one single off of her album each Friday until its debut in November. So far, she’s released three tracks, with another one dropping this Friday, October 26th. Check out more from her here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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