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Album Review: If All the World Were Right by Andrew Reed

Album Review: If All the World Were Right by Andrew Reed

If All the World Were Right by American singer-songwriter Andrew Reed delivers beautiful compositions with thought-provoking lyrics that center on the theme of humility. Dropped on January 1st of this year, the album features 13 well-arranged tracks that range in style from Americana to New Classic Rock. There are no heavy beats or aggressive singing; rather, it’s a calm, pleasant, and fundamentally uplifting record that is enjoyable and relaxing to listen to.

A collective of talented musicians help Reed’s vision along: Trevor Walker and Rob Geisler on guitars, Aaron Price on piano and keyboards, Paul Babelay on percussion, Alex Bradley on trumpet, Joseph Dowdy on sax, Kyle Snuffer on trombone, Kara Poorbaugh on viola, Franklin Keel on cello, and Courtney Hodges on backing vocals. Reed, naturally, is on guitar. Together, they achieve a full-bodied sound that constantly brings something new and unexpected to the table with every song.

The title track on the album reminds me, slightly, of the theme song from Pretty Woman, but only on the chorus, while “All of My Life” is a tad reminiscent of the signature style of Girls (the band). Furthermore, Reed’s music embodies a few different genres, from light country to alternative sounds that are familiar enough not to be groundbreaking, but unique enough to stand-alone. “There is a broader universe of ideas that needs to be explored. Ideas are my love. Music is a platform for those ideas,” shares Reed.

The self-produced album is truly thoroughly enjoyable, in part because of its very uplifting and positive message. For example, the concluding poem, which is spoken over a lovely melody in a calm and soothing voice adds that little something extra to the overall auditory experience, and ends the album on a memorable note. “At heart, I am a philosopher,” states Reed. “So many pieces are about the ideas of living including the struggles of modern life, the peace of nature, and the important roles of love and love-lost...all essential subjects of the story.”

Check out more from Andrew Reed by stopping by his website, and follow him on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news!

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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