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Album Review: Keys of Mine by Luca Bash

Album Review: Keys of Mine by Luca Bash | Keys of Mine Cover Art

A lot of today’s music, though perfect for certain occasions, may at times seem a little empty; as if there is a lot of audio space between the notes. Maybe it has something to do with the way records are mixed, the kinds of instruments and sound apparatuses being used in the studio, or is simply a matter of preference. Regardless, the recently released Keys of Mine by Luca Bash is the exact opposite of that.

The album is saturated. Bash’s arrangements, compositions, and use of many different instruments on the record give me a sense of nostalgia, making me reminisce about bands like Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, even Hootie & the Blowfish, especially on tracks like “Beyond the Screen,” “Paradise Café,” “Women’s Way,” and “Love And Lust.”

His music has a noticeable air of sophistication; you can immediately tell that his album wasn’t scrapped together by a bunch of kids in a garage band trying to make it big. Rather, you get a sense of his musical training right off the bat. Indeed, Bash began studying music in the early 1990s, attending The University of Rome in the early 2000s, and participating in the international Festival of Songs in Piombino, Italy in 2006.

In fact, his experience at the festival proved to be a pivotal one; after winning an award for best interpretations, Bash formed a group with which he spent the next six years. It found moderate success, before its members went their separate ways in 2011. Soon thereafter, Bash was in “a debilitating motor bike accident” that left him in a coma for five days. During his recovery, he had an epiphany to where he wanted to take his music.

Album Review: Keys of Mine by Luca Bash | Luca Bash

Partnering with guitarist Giova Pes, Bash set out to complete a new project in 2014. “The duo released four EPs of acoustic, somewhat indie-driven songs... Each EP represents one of the base colours on a printer which make up all the colours in a picture, and each group of songs corresponds with Bash's interpretation of that colour and that representative phase of his musical journey.” A best-of type album followed in 2015.

His latest work, Keys of Mine, was written and self-produced in 2017. The album features 15 tracks, each with its own kind of charm, auditory integrity, and skillful arrangement. It also has Alessandro Cioffi on drums, Alessandro Matilli on keyboards, Riccardo Ascani on bass, Giova Pes on lead guitar, and Duilio Ingrosso on Sax. The accompanying lyrics tend to deal with the many different experiences each person can relate to in his or her own way. It’s both reflective and inviting. So give Keys of Mine a listen, here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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