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Album Review: Destiny (Single) from Monciel and Zonoozi

In an effort to create music that would appeal to a wide range of audiences across different cultures, Lucy Monciel and Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi set out to write a song about a universal topic – “Destiny.” Fusing electronic music with classical vocals and Middle Eastern influences, the track features Dudek solos that are created using an Armenian instrument with a distinct and unusual sound. The result is a highly unique blend of past and present, East and West. The track was released on July 26th, 2017.

Album Review: Destiny (Single) from Monciel and Zonoozi

Lucy Monciel is an established signer-songwriter, while Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi is an award-winning producer with a love and appreciation for world-music. Collaborating on “Destiny” with the goal of “building a multicultural environment and worldwide acceptance of diversity through their music,” the artists settled on the concept of fate, a philosophical notion that seems to be a part of every culture. Though it also seems to embody the concept of karma, in that “whatever you decide to give will always come back to you somehow.”

The song first premiered “during the ‘Bringing Love show’ by InterContinental Concerts…a multimedia production organization that produces music, live concerts, performance videos and feature films.” It was founded by Zonoozi to bring “together artists from around the world to participate in various productions and projects.” To accomplish this, the group works with 145 artists from some 45 countries, according to their press release.

“Destiny” was recorded using a duduk, piano, and synths. The five-minute track builds as it progresses, starting off with eastern inspired techno; vocals come in close to the 30-second mark. Because of the classical nature of Monciels singing style it’s an unexpected surprise as most electronic music, unless it’s a band like Dark Model or Enigma, is not something that’s usually found together. Piano, synths, and layered vocals give the track depth that’s not always so present in standard trance or techno. It was recorded and mixed by Zonoozi, and mastered by Reuben Cohen.

Stream “Destiny” here. And here for more information on InterContinental Concerts.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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