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The Rise of Winsor & Newton: A photo essay



Winsor & Newton is founded at 38 Rathbone Place

Scientist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton establish their partnership at 38 Rathbone Place, London.


The world's first moist water colours are launched

Winsor & Newton develop the first glycerine based, moist water colours changing the history of outdoor painting.


Glass syringes are introduced as paint containers

William Winsor introduces glass syringes to replace bladders as oil colour containers.

The collapsible screw cap tube is patented

The first screw cap mechanism for collapsible metal tubes is patented by William Winsor; this becomes the standard container for colour.

Winsor & Newton Limited Company is formed

Henry Newton sold the business to the newly incorporated firm of Winsor & Newton Ltd which included members of both families amongst the shareholders. The Newtons were employed until the late 1970s.


The Composition & Permanence of Artists' Colours is first published

Dedicated to creating the most stable and permanent pigments, Winsor & Newton were the first to publish the composition and permanence of their colours.

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