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Music Review: Revelation by Lara Taubman

Music of our youth seems to linger in our psyches long after we grow up. I suspect it has a lot to do with how it provided an auditory record to our subjective experiences — experiences that ended up shaping our unique memories, perceptions, and dreams. That’s one of the reasons an objectively terrible song can easily become one of our favorites, or a great song can be hated with an unbridled and inflammatory passion.

Revelation by Lara Taubman
Revelation by Lara Taubman

For Lara Taubman, the singer-songwriter behind the recently-released album Revelation, it serves as inspiration for her art. Growing up in Virginia, she was around a lot of Old Time. And even though she ended up being exposed to a heavy range of music as she travelled the world, lived in New York City, and then moved to Ontario’s Wolfe Island, when it came time to make music of her own, she drew inspiration from the soundtrack of her early youth.

Taubman has lived an eventful life, but much like any person who’s embarked on a worthwhile adventure, she’s experienced her fair share of ups and downs. As such, this album is about catharsis: “Revelation is about my journey to heal through making music. Following a call to begin singing five years ago led me to a series of fortuitous events that created this album. Music always saved me, now I hope to return the favor.”

Lara Taubman
Lara Taubman

The 9-track album is saturated with melodic and folk-style tunes. “Desert Boy” is quite jazzy, with calm piano and light percussion accompanying Taubman’s vocals. “Sound of Heartbreak,” however, is a lot more Old Time and bluegrass. “Revelation” and its delivery sounds like a classic folk song. But, I really enjoyed “Hookup,” an interesting song with a funky beat and 70s inspired vocals. Each track has a unique feel, but feature Taubman’s distinct vocals.

The album was produced by Wolfe Island Record founder Hugh Christopher Brown, and features the musical talents of guest musicians. Check it out on all available platforms and on limited edition vinyl and CD. And, make sure to follow Lara Taubman on her website and social media platforms to keep track of her music.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.


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