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Music Review: “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” single by Emma Pierson

Do you remember the first real friend you made as a kid? Perhaps you ran into each other at the playground. Maybe you were introduced by your parents or, possibly, you bonded over your mutual love of tuna sandwiches during your school’s lunch hour. Whatever the case may be, the friendship you share(d) is probably still one of your warmest memories — a relationship that continues to hold a special place in your heart.

Music Review: “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” single by Emma Pierson
Emma Pierson

Emma Pierson — a young singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas — has a friend just like that. And, her recently released song, “Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” is both about and dedicated to that person. “Last year, one of my close friends moved to Ohio and I was feeling pretty sad about that; not knowing when we would see each other again,” explains Emma. “Then, it was decided that my family would be moving out of state as well.”

“Don’t Forget to Remember Me” is a super positive track. Aside from the lyrics — “Don’t worry, I’ll call and come visit, I’ll text and we will sing, Just like we used to.” — it reaffirms the idea of distance being only that, distance; the strength of the friendship and the commitment friends make to keep it going will survive regardless. When we are all experiencing a bit of distance from the people we care about, a message of hope couldn’t have come at a better time.

Although the song is about Pierson’s personal experience, it was co-written and produced by her fellow classmates at Maryland’s Stages Music Arts. The spirited collaborative effort is very endearing. In the video, teenage musicians accompany the equally young vocalist, as the expertly filmed shots show the ensemble during practice, and then during a (possibly social distanced) performance.

The young artist hopes that the song will “serve as a reminder to everyone that we need to cherish the time we spend with each other, and that no matter the distance we need to work hard to keep in touch so we can make more memories together.” Well said Emma Pierson, well said. “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” is now available on Spotify, YouTube, and all the other major services.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.


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