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  • Liz Publika

Can You Spot All The Errors in These April Fools' Covers by Norman Rockwell?


I am convinced that Norman Rockwell (1894 - 1978) was and will remain one of history's coolest artists. Just check out his April Fools' Covers for The Saturday Evening Post. 'Nuff said, right? From the big picture to the smallest elements, he was certainly someone who paid attention to detail. See if you can spot all of the "errors" peppered throughout the awesome works of art, and then head over here to see what you've missed.

April 1943
April 1943

March 1945
March 1945

April 1948
April 1948

Note* All of the images are the creative and intellectual property of The Saturday Evening Post.

Feature Stories

VOL. 22 


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