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Album Review: "Half of the Sun" (single) by ALYA

“Half of the Sun,” the recently released single by the Los Angeles-based singer song-writer ALYA, is a very interesting fusion of pop, trance, classical and electronic music, with slight hints of ethnic influences from across the world. It is, indeed, an amalgamation of sound. By borrowing specific elements from different genres and cultures, ALYA has managed to create a unique and unexpected track; from Moscow to Tokyo, the single has something for everyone.

Although ALYA is Russian, she is fluent in four languages and writes music in all of them. She was formally trained throughout her childhood, but holds a degree in journalism – which she excelled at. Perhaps it was journalism that prepared the artist for the spotlight, as she seems to know how to grab the public’s attention and hold on to it. Whether it’s with her unorthodox sound, captivating videos, or the eclectic way she combines different schools of thought into one colossal auditory experience, it’s very clear that she operates with intention and attention to details.

She is scheduled to release her debut in two languages: English and Japanese. According to the press release: “[ALYA] kept herself centered by writing songs in Japanese and creating her first musical project, Japanica. It kept her creatively engaged – she fused modern pop and traditional Japanese melodies, and explored ancient and exotic Asian themes.” ALYA takes pride in participating in every aspect of production and presentation when it comes to her work. Not only is this her music, the way she shares it with the world is highly strategic.

She also seems to take inspiration from her personal life: "The English version of 'Half of the Sun' came to my life when I finally was feeling absolutely happy with who I am and where I am.” The track premiered on June 22nd, 2018. The auditory intricacies of her music can’t be appreciated from one listen, as there seems to be a method to her creative madness; it really is a product “experience and the discipline of an expansive and well-trained mind.” Check out “Half of the Sun” and a whole lot more from ALYA here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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