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Album Review: Wonder Lust by New Sincerity Works

Wonder Lust, the latest release by New Sincerity Works, combines indie-pop with what can be described as synth-driven new wave. It’s the kind of record that makes you feel nostalgic for high school garage bands that preoccupy themselves with having fun and experimenting with sound rather than achieving massive commercial success, though if it comes their way, so be it. And, maybe, that’s what makes it something special.

Although the 10 tracks on the album differ in nature, there are certain elements that seem to be fairly consistent: splashes of synth-heavy harmonies, involved but fairly steady drumming, and pleasant but not particularly polished vocals that give the songs a rugged quality that’s always pretty great in rock music. The lyrics, however, are mostly about love – a universal theme that is hopefully familiar to everyone.

According to Mike Tittel, who is the band’s founder and producer: "I wrote the songs to accompany a book of personal photographs. The book never happened but I did get a record out of the whole project. I liked the idea of trying to describe what falling in and out of love is like and what happens in between those extreme modes of living. It's a record about love but not really love songs."

Starting from “I’ve Got You” and ending with “Hearts Transplanted,” the band does a wonderful job at keeping a feel-good motif going throughout the record. Personally, I really like “Love to Love the Love,” “To Be Kissed Like That,” and the title track “Wonder Lust.” None of the tracks resemble dance music, and the three that stand out to me the most do so because of the clarity of the lyrics, which are all quite approachable and relatable.

This has a lot to do with the band’s extensive musical vocabulary, since all of its members have tons of experience in the industry. You can find Mike Tittel writing songs, singing, as well as playing the drums, keyboards, and guitar. Roger Klug contributes vocals and also plays the guitar, while Lauren Bray offers up her voice and kills it on the keyboards. Greg Tudor is responsible for handling the pedal steel, as well as drums and singing. Bob Nyswonger is on bass, and Mike Landis plays guitar and keyboards, but also does the mixing.

All in all, Wonder Lust by New Sincerity Works is a great album for new and old-school rock n' rollers, so check out more from the band, here.

Note* Album provided for objective review by our partners.

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